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Pastors David and Pat Spriggs want to welcome you to El Bethel Church website. We hope you'll find enough information in the pages of this site to help you decide to visit us in Hillsdale, Michigan.

Browse this site and see what El Bethel Church has for you. We believe you've finally come home.
about the pastors
Pastor David Spriggs was born in Dayton, Ohio, where he lived for 20 years until moving to Cleveland, Ohio in 1970. He tutored under Reverend Bill Matheny for six years, being ordained into the ministry in 1971. He met Patricia Watson that same year.  Her parents had moved to Cleveland from Knoxville, Tennessee, when Pat was one year old.

In 1973 Dave and Pat were married and began their music and preaching ministry as an anointed team. Over the last four decades they have either pastored or co-pastored several churches, traveled as evangelists, and sang in a family music group called God's Children Gospel Singers (later renamed Family Tree Gospel Singers). They have pastored El Bethel Church since 2001.

Pastor Dave loves to preach and teach the Word of God. He is an accomplished musician on piano, guitar, bass, and keyboard. Pastor Pat is also a gifted pianist and vocalist. She has developed a counseling style that puts a person at ease, while her discernment gets to the root of the problem. She is truly the First Lady of El Bethel.

Together, this dynamic team will make you feel wanted and loved as you enter into God's presence with them.

el bethel church
on Hudson Road in Hillsdale, Michigan
Sharing Christ around the corner and around the world.
about el bethel church
Long ago, a fledging fellowship gathered together over the Ford Garage on Broad Street in Hillsdale, Michigan. Led by Pastor A.L. Rowland, they worshipped God in the fullness of His Holy Spirit. In 1927, 23-year old Ray Stenger and his young wife, Mable, joined this group which would later be known as El Bethel Tabernacle.

The early years of the church were filled with a great move of the Holy Spirit. Prophetic messages of “Hell, Fire and Brimstone” were balanced with moving sermons of “God’s Love” and “Heaven.” Services were filled with people shouting, dancing and falling on their faces before God, repenting of their sins.

In 1937, the church body decided to buy a building then owned by the Baughey Brothers, ministers in another denomination. Since the huge sum of $800.00 was hard to come by for the little church, Ray’s father, Vernon Stenger, borrowed the money to purchase the building which was at 68 Goodrich Avenue. He was later reimbursed by the congregation. Upon moving the church body from Broad Street to Goodrich Avenue, Rev. Rouland changed the name of the church to El Bethel Tabernacle.
El Bethel Tabernacle - 1937
In 1992, the congregation decided to purchase land at the current address and began building the new site. In its long history, 84 years of ministry, El Bethel Church has undergone many changes but the purpose of ministry has remained the same--to be ambassadors of God's Kingdom here on earth, and to win souls by ministering and living the grace of Jesus.
El Bethel Tabernacle, 68 Goodrich - 1987
El Bethel Church today at 1661 Hudson Road
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